All the leaves are brown…

Contrary to the Mamas and Papas hit-song though, the sky is not grey!

So far, November is proving to be yet another glorious time of year to be spending it here in Grandmont. Whilst it’s certainly turned a little cooler and the nights are drawing in, the sky remains an aqua-blue and the view of our grounds and surrounding land is just pretty as picture.

It’s the perfect weather to take a bracing walk through the forests, kicking up the leaves as you go (our pup Miss Hepburn knows how best to do it) and foraging mushrooms.  With the trees bearing their branches you can now see for miles and miles and the views never disappoint.

Our three Gites (now refurbed and renamed) are all but full with happy, relaxed guests who are settling in with gusto for the winter months. Like us, they can’t get enough of Grandmont and it’s a pleasure to share in their exploits and discoveries of the area with each new day.

So… Chris and Antonia staying in Les Vignes; Clive and Jackie staying in Les Fleurs – we officially (because now it’s in writing) welcome you to Grandmont Gites and we look forward to Adam and Jane arriving soon in Les Arbres, and joining this happy little clan.

We say to thee, let’s not get too embroiled (or stressed out) with the Christmas planning just yet – there’ll be plenty of time for that later – and let’s simply enjoy the beauty and wonder of the here and now.

Happy November people!

One thought on “All the leaves are brown…

  1. Jackie and Clive

    We’ve only been here 10 days and Grandmont Is already working it’s magic. It’s so peaceful and the views are stunning; we can’t believe our luck in finding this unique place to spend the winter months. Thanks Louise and James, your kindness and attention to detail, ensuring we have everything we need, is much appreciated.


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