Fish it

fishing 1Fishing is a hugely popular pastime in the Limousin with numerous places to fish in the area. Here’s a brief overview of the top three lakes frequented by guests of Grandmont Gites.


Lac Saint-Pardoux

Lac Saint-Paroux is situated in a beautiful environment near to Limoges and stretches over 330 hectares and is 16 km wide. It is ideal for Carp, Roach, Tench, Pikeperch and pike fishing. At the end of the eighties, Black bass was introduced into the lake, and having successfully acclimatised, they are increasing in both size (up to 3.5kg) and in number.

In 1998 the lake was emptied and fish breeding was introduced, allowing the lake to gain an excellent reputation for its variety and quality of fish.

Beginners fishing: During the summer many of the fish are only 2 to 3 metres under the lakes surface, especially on the banks of the Pont du Santropand.

Holidays: This lake is perfect for family fishing outings. There are many small footpaths and areas that are ideal for picnics and of course fishing.

The more experienced fisher: The cove of Puyperrier is known for Black bass fishing or pikeperch. For bigger fish the cove of Villebert or Friaudour is excellent.

Lac de Vassivière

Le Lac de Vassivière is one of the largest in France, spreading over a thousand hectares, with a perimeter of forty-five kilometres and a maximum depth of thirty-five metres. Situated amongst the pine forests, hills and woody countryside, Vassivière is a wonderful place to fish. The French in fact call the lake and the surrounding area “the Canada of France”. Throughout the year fisherman can catch pike, pikeperch, carp and many other species from either the lakes banks or from a boat

Beginners fishing: Along the flat sandy banks of Châteaucourt is a good place to learn to fish.

Holidays: the quiet coves of Masgrangeas, Pierrefitte, and Auphelle provide a sheltered environment for a day out.

The more experienced fisher: Due to the immense scale of the lake, boat fishing is definitely the better option. Pike are particularly abundant at Vassivière and can be found near to the riverbanks but also in the deepest waters of the lake. During the summer season it is best to avoid the busy areas.

La vallée de la Vienne

La Vienne is an important river, being large and deep, it is full of almost all piscicultural species of fish. Visible from the roadside, it has both rapid torrents and calm waters. Choosing the right place to fish is vital on the river as the species of fish vary along the river. Enormous carp and pikeperch can be found around the coves of l’Aiguille, l’Aumonerie, Chez Roger, and Pagnac. Along the riverbanks and rocks is ideal for catching pike and along the more sandy parts, gudgeons, whereas barbel prefer stony riverbeds.

Beginners fishing: It is recommended to use a light fishing rod and clear bate and to go to the sandy banks of l’Aixette, the banks of Aix-sur-Vienne’s campsite or near to the bridge of Notre Dame.

Holidays: Following the left bank of the river leaving Aixe, amongst the green countryside are the mills of Tarn and of la Mie.

The more experienced fisher: L’Arthonnet, Le Glanet and la Vergogne are excellent for trout fishing. Between Saint-Victurnien and Saint-Junien, the river is full of beautiful pikeperch.